Autowise V2

Designed for precision

Autowise V2 is an autonomous road sweeper that is smarter than ever. You can use the Autowise V2 in closed areas for autonomous various sweeping operations. Equipped with a combination of lidars, cameras, mm-waves radars, and GNSS antennas, the Autowise V2 sweeper has a 360° coverage of its surrounding environment.

The combination of an articulated steering dexterity, sweeping width of 2000mm, and 3.3m turning radius allow the sweeper to perform a range of autonomous cleaning operations such as curbside cleaning, scrubbing, and dirt suction.

Sensors & Radars

Adjustable Suction Speed

Manual & Autonomous Mode

Level 4 Autonomous Mode

Articulated Steering

Zero CO2 Emission

Fresh water tank capacity


Hopper capacity


Base weight


Maximum cleaning width with standard brooms


Gross vehicle weight




Dimensions (W*H*L/mm)

1,210*2,100*3,735 mm

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