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On December 8, successfully carried out delivery of the Urban-Sweeper S2.0 sweeper project in Duisburg, Germany. This autonomous sweeper will carry out driverless sweeping operations in a large logistics park with complex environments. The project is a public tender for the municipal corporation of Duisburg, Germany (Wirtschaftsbetriebe Duisburg AöR). The L4-class autonomous sweeper supplied by successfully completed all project tests and was approved by the customer. products deployed at large logistics parks overseas

The cleaning operation of this project is based at a large logistics park in Duisburg. The park environment is complex and has numerous types of obstacles that require the highest cleaning quality and efficiency.

Diverse and complex operational scenarios at a large logistics park in Duisburg, Germany

In light of the global pandemic, eco-friendly disposal of discarded masks has become extremely important. In large logistics parks where goods are stacked, contaminated masks can be easily hidden within corners, which not only makes it hard for human cleaners to clean, but could also seriously endanger the life and health of cleaners. By creating multiple mask models, engineers make the autonomous driving system to perform model training and deep learning. This enables it to accurately identify discarded masks in logistics parks, and thus complete contactless mask cleaning.

For the logistics park with complex terrains, the development team is rapidly iterating its strategy to enable autonomous sweepers to operate safely and smoothly in tight areas. The logistics park is also covered with low railway tracks unable to be detected by ordinary LiDARs, which could lead vehicles to collide to the tracks. The development team adapted the product to the local conditions, and used on-board cameras to detect track locks and eliminate the interference of low tracks. They were able to test the autonomous driving operation in a very short period, and the result was well accepted by the customer.

The autonomous sweeper operating safely and efficiently over a railway track successfully carries out remote delivery of autonomous sweeping products

This Duisburg project marked the first time that delivered its autonomous sweeper product abroad. Integrated services including vehicle sales and subsequent operation and maintenance were offered to the customer. Research shows that the global sanitation market volume has been long neglected and severely undervalued. The annual budget for the European sanitation market alone is as high as 1.2 trillion yuan. Targeting the vast overseas market, has been able to capture industry pain points such as recruitment difficulties and high labor costs in the sanitation industry. It has introduced the leading autonomous driving sweeper products to overseas markets, and laid the foundation for further expansion of the global market.

Vehicle operation monitored in real time through the operation platform

Against the backdrop of a raging pandemic across the globe, the preparation and delivery for the Duisburg project was carried out remotely. Even in spite of neither the engineers nor the business team being able to reach the site, managed to successfully carry out remote delivery of the project.’s technical standards and delivery service were highly evaluated by the customer.

With rapid business development across various markets, is gradually building its global business map. In the future, will expand into more countries and regions such as Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, Switzerland, and Russia, allowing China’s leading technology to reach all ends of the globe.