Skip to main content V3, a full-stack autonomous sweeper developed by landed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Dubai, UAE.’s overseas business has opened a new chapter. Recently, demostrated the autonomous cleaning performance of V3 to customers and the public at the commercialized operation projects in Riyadh and Dubai.

The Riyadh project located in a luxury residential compound Andorra Village in the north of Riyadha. Lahoucine Gangani, CTO of Ajlan Technology,’s strategic partner, and Maria Attard, general manager of Andorra Village, visited the project. Aiming at the difficulties in operation, such as the slope of the road, the uncertainty of dynamic parking spaces on both sides of the road, and the hot and sandy climate,’s R&D team carried out all-round testing and calibriation for the EIC system, hydraulic system, cleaning system and the autonomous driving system of V3. V3’s performance has been recognized by customers.

The Dubai project is located in the picturesque Jumeirah Beach, adjacent to Dubai Mall, Palm Island, Burj Al Arab Hotel and other famous attractions and landmarks. V3 works on the sinuous bikeway at Jumeirah Beach. There are a lot of cyclists on the road, and some citizens and tourists cross the lane from time to time, which puts forward high requirements for the ability of autonomous curbside cleaning and obstacle avoidance. Autowise V3 integrates LiDAR, millimeter wave radars, cameras, HD maps and other data sources for real-time perception, to achieve accurate curbside cleaning, obstacle avoidance, collision avoidance, and can make flexible U-turns and change directions during the operation process. At the operation site of the project, Autowise V3 attracted citizens and tourists to stop and watch, and everyone marveled at the autonomous driving technology from China. The head of the Waste Operation Department of Dubai Municipality recognized Autowise V3’s autonomous driving capability and cleaning effect.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other countries in the Middle East attach great importance to the development of artificial intelligence industry and international cooperation. Those countries frequently issued artificial intelligence enterprises this year, hoping to attract companies and international organizations to participate in the development of digital economy and frontier science and technology on a global scale. Saudi Arabia launched its “Vision 2030” strategic framework and reform plan in 2016, which covers smart cities, digital economy, science and technology innovation and other areas. More than 25% of vehicles on public roads are required to operate unmanned. The UAE government has made the development of the digital economy one of the key strategic directions for national development, encouraging the research, development and application of artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies, and is committed to building a technology-driven and sustainable digital economic ecosystem.

Driven by favorable policies, will continue to promote the process pf commercialization and application of autonomous driving in the Middle East and the world, and bring Chinese autonomous driving products and technologies to the stage of the world.