Skip to main content overseas business achieves new progress. Autowise V3, a full-stack autonomous sweeper developed by, recently landed in Preston of UK, to perform autonomous cleaning tasks in the distribution center of SPAR, the world’s leading voluntary food retail chain.

Preston, county seat of Lancashire, is located in the North West of England, and is close to the international metropolis Manchester and Liverpool. The project site is located in the logistics hub of James Hall, the main distributor of SPAR, the world’s leading voluntary food retail chain, which undertakes the wholesale and distribution of goods to more than 640 SPAR stores in the north of England, with huge cargo throughput and busy logistics transportation. The UK is characterized by dense fog and rainy weather. V3 needs to complete a fully autonomous cleaning operation under the complex operating environment and adverse weather.

According to the task planning, Autowise V3 mainly performs full coverage cleaning, curbside cleaning, and parking lot cleaning in the cargo handling area of the distribution center. In full coverage cleaning mode, V3 summarizes all the areas that need to be swept, and uses global path planning algorithms to generate a full coverage cleaning route based on the starting point, ending point, and the area to be swept to perform the cleaning task. In the goods-in area near the warehouse, V3 performs parking lot cleaning task. In this mode, V3 determines the parking situation through real-time mapping results, and plans a suitable sequence and route to clean the empty parking spaces one by one. For multiple continuous parking spaces, V3 further optimizes the cleaning path to improve the efficiency. In other road sections, V3 performs curbside cleaning. For the scenario characteristics of unstructured roads in logistics distribution centers, in addition to regular lane lines, V3 also stays close to low obstacles (such as low guardrails) to complete the cleaning task. After the daily cleaning task is completed, V3 autonomously drives to the garbage collection area to complete the autonomous dumping task.

At the project site, also showed the remote management console of Autowise V3 to the customers. Through WiAction, an intelligent remote operation APP mainly for overseas customers, operators can remotely control the vehicle to start and stop, select cleaning tasks, view real-time progress of the task, operation reports, and system logs, etc. The cleaning performance and remote operation ability of Autowise V3 were unanimously recognized by customers.’s overseas business has been expanding rapidly in recent years, and its products have been put into commercialized application  in Chicago & Phoenix-USA, Duisburg & Wilhelmshaven-Germany, Riyadh-Saudi Arabia, Dubai & ABU Dhabi-UAE, etc. Research shows that the annual budget of the European sanitation market is as high as 170 billion USD. Difficulties in recruitment and high labor costs have become common challenges. addresses the pain points of the industry and introduces leading autonomous driving products to overseas markets to create user value. Driven by market demand, will continue to optimize products and services and accelerate the process of commercial landing of autonomous driving around the world.